Weres and Witches of Silver Lake Box Set (Books 1-4) by Vella Day

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For the first time, best-selling author Vella Day is boxing the first four books in the Weres and Witches of Silver Lake series at a big discount.

“I had planned to read this over a week but finished it in less than a day. I couldn’t put it down. [The} storyline was intoxicating and have picked up the other books in this series!”—Amazon Customer

Her powerful presence brings him to his knees.
His animalistic ruggedness has her panting for more.

Always forced to keep her powers and identity under wraps, Isadora Berta dreams of a normal life. After encountering the sexy and mysterious Ryerson McKinnon, the up-and-coming Alpha wolf, she realizes her life was never destined for normalcy.

If dreams were real…

Flower shop owner, Elana Stanley, would be tall and thin, and the intensely hot cop, Kalen Murdoch, would take one look at her, slam her against the nearest wall, and kiss her until her body melted. And if dreams were real, Elana would have the courage to approach him.

A glimpse into the future,
Just might destroy her present.

When Teagan Pompley gets a premonition, it always comes true. But her latest premonition hits a little too close to home. Attempting to alter fate while saving the one she loves, Teagan leaves Kip Landon, hoping to rescue him from his foreseen destiny.


Fate linked them together. Mating could kill them both.

Part Wendayan, part wolf shifter, Ainsley Chancellor has spent her life fighting who she is. She carries the tainted blood of her Changeling Clan, but she refuses to embrace their evil ways.

Vella Day believes in a feel good story where the hero loves his woman passionately and unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to keep her happy and safe; and where magic adds a bit of spice to every encounter.

My review of Weres and Witches of Silver Lake Box Set (Books 1-4) by Vella Day 

A Magic Shift:

Every time I read a book by Vella Day I am always amazed. She does such a wonderful job. Trust me this is a book you will not be able to put down.

Ryerson McKinnon was this nice looking shifter werewolf in Silver Lake, Tennessee. He was faced with getting ready to take on a lot of responsibility. His father will soon hand down the Alpha title to him. I cannot imagine how overwhelmed he must of felt to take on that type of responsibility. Though he would have had his best friend Kalan Murdoch as second in command which is his beta, he still had no mate. He wasn’t certain if he was even ready for Alpha little long a mate. 

Isadora Berta aka Izzy was what was known as a Wendayan or a witch. Her powers were great and she was in Westhaven, Scotland to master them. What she did not realize was she was in danger while she was in Scottland. I guess she was lucky that Naliana who was the moon goddess was looking out for her. 

I truly hated Owen Chancellor who was a Changeling aka mutant crazy werewolf. He want Izzy and was determined he was going to have her. The question is what great lengths will he go to force her to be his wife?

Rye and Izzy have such a great love story. Rye finds himself faced with the fact that Izzy is his mate. He has to worry about not claiming her to soon. He wants her to be ready and willing when he claims her. They find the attraction they have for each other becomes very hard to control themselves. The mixing of a shifter and a Wendayan just is not done. How will their people acted when they find out? 

Rye and Izzy will not have it easy in this story. There are obstacles and danger all around. Rye has this huge over need to protect Izzy. Izzy is a very independent woman. She will find there is a time she really needs him more than ever. Both Izzy and Rye will learn the lesson of needing others and both will learn the lesson of swallowing their pride. 

Catching the Bear:

Vella Day has done it again. This is the second book in the series but I think it will do find as a standalone. I loved Kalan and Elana in book one so it was good to see book two about them. 

Kalan was the beta of the shifters in Silver Lake. He is a bear shifter he was also a deputy and part time detective in the criminal division of the sheriff’s department. One thing I loved about Kalan is he had a good heart. I loved how he acted in front of Elana. He became very clumsy. He just fell all over himself.

Elana was this beautiful curvy woman. You had to admire her. Here she was with unloving parents and had done so much with her life. She owned her own florist store. Though she did not have several stores all over the place, someone that looked at her should look at her with admiration. She had a crush on Kalan for so long and to see him give her just a little attention had to make her heart skip a beat. 

There is a double murder in this town. Kalan needs to find out who is responsible. He must do all he can to keep Elana safe. He is gradually starting to learn that Elana is his mate. He must be very careful on approaching this subject so he does not scare her off. I have to say I love how she met his bear. You will have to read the book to find out more but you will get a good laugh. 

This book will have some hot steamy parts, murder, pain, and healing. There is so many great characters in this book you can not help but fall in love with this story. I truly hope to see more of Jackson and Brian in a later series. Sorry you will have to read the book to find out who those characters are.

Surge of Magic:

I so love Vella Day’s books. She is such an amazing author. I was excited to see another book come out in this series. This book was a little different. It was about two Wendayans being true mates. What is a Wendayan, well it is a person with magical powers. I think this book can be read fine as a standalone. 

Teagan Pompley was a Wendayan. She worded at her Aunt’s Spa called the “Crystal Winds Spa”. I actually felt sorry for Teagan. If you have read any of the previous books then you already know that she has a special gift which is see gets visions and they are of people close to her. What a heavy burden this had to be to carry. This scares her so much. She feels helpless and fears that if she is close to those she loves then great harm will come to them and that is why she broke up with the man she loves. 

You might look at Teagan as a coward or weak. Really she is none of those things. She is a very strong compassionate person and loves those close to her. She wants to be able to control her visions. I looked at her as strong and brave because it took all those things to do such a selfless act and push the man she loves away. She truly thought she was doing the right thing and I think when you read the whole story you will see and think the same thing. 

Kip which who Teagan’s former boyfriend was not going to give up so easily and I truly loved his character for that. He knew that Teagan and him were fated to be together, he just needed to wait for her to realize the same thing. It had to be hard to see the girl you love push you away and not give a reason. Any other man would of said screw it and walked away.

Kip had a lot on this plate. It truly hurt him that Teagan was not there when he needed her the most. Kips twin brother had been attracted and Kip really needed the comfort that Teagan could of gave. There was something strange going down. Randy Kip’s twin had lost his powers when he was attracted. They needed to figure out how this happened and what was going on.

It will not be long before Teagan will find herself in danger. Someone is after her and she is not safe to be alone. Don’t worry Vella does not disappoint, things will get pretty hot and heavy between Teagan and Kip. Kip will do whatever it takes to keep Teagan safe. 

The Bear’s Forbidden Wolf:

 I so love this series. If you love paranormal romance you will just love this series. Vella Day is doing a wonderful job on this series. If you have not read any of the series it is fine because this book works fine as a standalone. The only thing I would change in this series is to have something giving the description of a Wendayan and a Chancellor at the beginning of the book. Just for the reason those who are new to the series and have not read any of the previous books might know what they are. A Wendayan is pretty much a witch and a Changeling is a wolf shifter that is usually evil and can shape shift.

I really loved Ainsley Chancellor. She was this brave strong woman that was part Wendayan and part Changeling. Even though she embraced her Wendayan side and allowed her wolf to run at times she did not give into the evil pull that her Changeling side had on her. She refused to be like many Changelings she knew. 

Through this series I have fallen in love with Jackson Murdoch. He is a dom and very protected of what is his. Jackson is a bear shifter that hates Changelings, so when he scented Ainsley his and discovered she was his mate it was more then he could handle. He truly thought the Goddess was pulling a prank on him. See if he was to mate with a Changeling it could have bad. He would take on the part of her that was Changeling and the evil could drive him crazy. Shifters were given one mate in a life time. So the fact he could not mate with her was saying he could never have love. It was truly a sad case. 

There is something really bad that happens. FYI, I truly hated to see this bad that happen but understand that it had to happen. This will make it so hard for Ainsley and Jackson. Their animals are having a fit wanting to be together, which I found just so funny. That bear wants to eat that little wolf..LOL 

Jackson will discover special gifts that Ainsley has. He will hate to see her put her life in danger. As he gets to know her he will develop a huge respect for her. The fear that Ainsley had about being judge will ease and she will find that she is accepted by those she thought would never accept her. 

This truly is a great story and OMG!!! a huge surprise at the end. Yip, Vella you got me wonder what is going to happen next


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