Single Dad’s Sweetheart by Amelia Wilde

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He’ll give her more than just a kiss.

Two words: forced vacation.

That’s why I’m in Lakewood. The middle of nowhere. Alone.

I’m the hottest rock star on the planet, and my label is demanding an album.

The only problem?

I can’t write.

My manager’s solution is to send me to this backwoods town to make music. It’s my last chance before our label cuts us loose.

I can’t let my daughter down. That doesn’t mean I want to be here.

I don’t expect to find a real sweetheart working behind the counter at Lakewood’s only candy shop.

And I definitely don’t expect to be her first.

I shouldn’t want my tongue on every soft, untouched inch of Shira Coleman. She’s too innocent. She’s too perfect.

But when I look at her, my heart sings…and the rest of me wants to bend this good girl over my bed.

Shira is my ticket back to the stage. I’ll keep it simple: kiss her, claim her, leave her.

What could go wrong?

Single Dad’s Sweetheart is a steamy full-length single dad novel with adult language and an HEA that will leave you with a sweet, sexy rush, no sugar added.

My review of Single Dad’s Sweetheart by Amelia Wilde


I truly loved this book. I just love single dad stories and to top this off he is a sexy rock star. Yeah can you say swooning.

Shira had it rough. Reading the book you have to wonder if her parents really love her. Reading about things from her past and things she went through I would personally say they did not.

Shira’s parents owned a candy store called Sweets. This store meant more to her parents then their own daughter. She was given a huge responsibility to watch after it while they went on vacation.

Wilder was this sexy Rock star that was a single dad. He had so much hurt and pain built up in side. It seemed that the only thing he had in him was for his daughter. He was having a hard time getting pass his former wife. Wider was responsible for writing the songs for the band. The music had went silent in his head.

I just loved Isabella which was Wilder’s daughter. She was so cute and funny. I just love when author’s adds the kids and brings their character’s to life.

I loved Shira and Wilder’s first meet but loved their second meet better..LOL I love how there was this connection between these two. She starting bring life back into him. The music seemed to come to him when she was around. I can not imagine what it was like for Shira to meet and date her idol.

We get to see this hot romance between these two and them help each other overcome things in their life. It truly was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book.


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