Fighting for a Chance (Knights of Sin MC) by Erin Trejo

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Dax: I was a fighter. I was good at it. When I met Laura I thought I was having a round of hot sex like usual. When I saw her for who she truly was, I wanted more. A lot more. She had her own problems but I wasn’t ready to let go just yet. I’ll fight for what I want even if she does push me away.

Laura: I have a past that won’t go away. Literally. Hector hasn’t gotten the message that I don’t want him. A night with Dax turns into more. I didn’t plan on it. Every single time I turned around, he was there and I found myself liking it. But Hector remains a problem. A problem that quickly gets out of hand.

My review of Fighting for a Chance (Knights of Sin MC) by Erin Trejo 23031192_294135454433493_2442410491817681980_n

When reading a series, especially an MC series, you have an attendance to fall in love with each and every character. I started this series with book one and fell in love with each and every MC member of the Knights of Sin. I even have been looking forward to certain ones this series for their story to be written. Well in this book the author ripped my heart out..LOL Yeah I was sitting in the lounge of the building where my husband works and finishing the book and almost started breaking down crying like a baby. Yeah the author ripped my heart out over a death. She killed off one of the characters that I was so looking forward to his story coming out, but I guess it was not meant to be.

But isn’t that when you know an author is doing their job. When they can pull you into a story and make the characters feel like family or friends. Make you attached and fall in love with the characters. When they can make you feel so many different emotions. It is funny how we get so attached.

I remember Dax from the beginning of the series. We truly get to know him in this book. Dax is kind of like the playboy of the MC. Women loved him and he loves women. He believes women should be respected and handled with care. He had no attention getting involved. I truly do love the route the author took with his character. There are so many layers to Dax. He can be this caring guy, he can protective, and he can be this funny guy as well. Dax when he cares he cared with all that was in him and I truly loved that about him.

I loved getting to know Laura in the story. She was a nurse that work and was friends with Aubrie. If you have read book one or two you will know who Aubrie is. Laura had a lot going on in her life. She had an abusive ex that did not want to except they were over. Hector just would not go away and Laura had to live in fear.

Let me stop here and say with every MC book you read you should go in and expect the hard life that goes with a MC story. Drinking, drugs, sex, rape, etc. Not saying all that was in this book but I alway except stuff like this when reading a MC book. So let me say if rape is a trigger for you this might not be the book for you.

I loved the game that Dax and Laura played. She was highly attractive to him and he was to her. Laura would play a little hard to get but with each moment she spent with Dax the more he wormed his way in her heart.

Dax never meant to fall in love but he was falling hard for Laura. It was funny to see this Bad Biker taken down by a woman. I loved where the author went with Dax’s personality. Though there was so pretty steamy parts there were times Dax will have you laughing so hard.

Laura is a type of person that care deeply for her patients. The only person she did not take care of or seemed to care for was herself. There is something that  Laura is faced with that will cause her to go a spirit to be little darker. She will face depression and uncertainty but we will also get to see what an amazing man Dax truly is. He truly steps up to the plate and shows so much maturity and responsibility and I loved that about him.

I did feel sorry for Dax. Even though he had his brother that would be there with him he truly had it hard. The thing that him and Laura is faced with Dax seems to truly be caring the burden alone. He tries to be Laura’s strength but at times it seems hopeless.

There is a lot that happens in this book and you truly will be on one emotional rollercoaster. Trust me Dax will truly swoon you. I truly can not wait to see who the next book will be about and what what the story will hold. I am truly enjoying this author’s writing and determined to read some more of her books. Yeah, I am a sucker for MC books and truly addicted to this authors work..LOL If you truly love MC books then you should really check out this series.


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