Single Dad’s Waitress by Amelia Wilde

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He’ll give her more than just the tip.


I’m not looking for love at the Short Stack diner. Just pancakes.

I’ve been screwed over before, and it was the mother of all disasters. The only silver lining? My cute-as-hell daughter, Minnie.

Until I meet Valentine, the hot waitress serving us eggs and bacon.

She’s over-the-top gorgeous, with a body that makes me want to have her for breakfast. And when she sprays me in the face with whipped cream, her pink cheeks start to melt my frigid heart.

I can’t let her get to me. A scorching summer fling, sure…but that’s all my life can handle.

Once fall comes, we’re over.


Waitressing is my job of last resort. So here I am, right at rock bottom.

Dumped by my ex? Check. Back in my hometown? Double check. Making a fool of myself in front of the sexiest stranger I’ve ever seen? Nailed it.

Ryder is the kind of guy I can never have. He’s sinfully sexy…and a single dad. There’s no room for me in a life like his.

He came in for pancakes, but now I’m stuck wanting his sausage.

The tension between us has to stop. Neither of us needs this…but he’s too hot not to touch.

If only someone could remind me to stay out of the kitchen…

Single Dad’s Waitress is a steamy, sweet single dad romance with adult language, no cheating, laugh-out-loud scenes, and an HEA that will melt your heart.

My review of Single Dad’s Waitress by Amelia Wilde


I just love books on single dads. This was truly an amazing read. Though this book had it steamy parts it had its funny parts as well, I mean it kept me laughing so hard. The characters in this story are truly amazing. I also done whispersync with this book and the narrators were awesome.

I can not imagine what it was like for Valentine. She had made it to her dream job and now here she was back in her hometown being a waitress. Her dreams had shattered. Her self-esteem had took a beat down. Her Ex had made her feel like crap.Her one goal was to save money and get back out of this small town.

Ryder was this sexy single dad. When Valentine first met him he had this hardness to him. The only softness to him was when he interacted with his 2 year old daughter.

You will just fall in love with Minnie which is Ryder’s 2 year old daughter. She had this bubbling personality and brings sun shine to ever room. I so love when the authors brings kids into the story and gives their personality life and that is what this author has done.

I loved the incident that happen that broke the walls that Ryder had up. Valentine was nothing like he had expected and having a summer fling with her seemed like the perfect solution to scratch his itch and get her out of his system.

Of course there are things that happen that cause stress, distrust, and turmoil. There are misunderstandings and it looks like things will not work out between these two but don’t worry it has its happy ending.

This was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book. To name one favorite part would be hard because there was so many but I think I will got with when they got busted by their neighbor or the sausage man..LOL


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