Targeted by Evangeline Anderson

Freaking amazing job. OMG, loved Targar. There was so many times that I felt very emotional when reading this book and actually cried. That just shows Evangeline Anderson is an amazing author because she pulls you right into the story.

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My Review for Targeted by Evangeline Anderson 


There are some surprises to this book. I love the approach Evangeline Anderson has taken on this book. This can be read as a standalone.

Emily Brooks is a female that lives on earth. She loves kids and teaches kindergarten. Do to something awful that has happen in her past she is unable to stand the thought of being with a man. So marriage and kids seems out of her future. She has always felt different. It is like she has another being living inside her trying to get out. This is very scary to Emily. She feels one day the one she calls the “other” will take over and she will be no more.

Rivin Tragar is a Beast Kindred that has renounced the Goddess after something awful that happens in his past. He has joined the Verrak and is now a hired assassin. His target is Emily Brooks. He has watched her for days and yet there is something stopping him from taking his target out. He is one that never misses a target. He always kills the one he is sent to kill. Then he smells her and realizes Emily is a Khalla. Beast Kindred are sworn to protect Khalla for they are very rare, precious, and consider a treasure. It is something imbed in their DNA that makes him want to protect her.

Targar and Emily find themselves are a dangerous journey while headed to Rageron. Emily has four stages that she will go thru becoming her Khalla. If these stages or not fulfilled and if Emily is breed to soon  she could die. Tragar needs to help her keep from going thru these stages until they reach Rageron. He must due whatever it takes.

Targar is refusing his feelings for Emily because he feels unworthy. Emily is being very stubborn on who she wants as her mate. If she can not have Targar then she does not want anyone. Mother Chundra (FYI hated that woman) is refusing to allow Targar and Emily to mate. Will Emily and Targar ever end up together?

There is so many road block that Targar and Emily face. I must warn you that you might need a box of tissue when reading this book. This is one incredible book about true love, forgiveness and self sacrifice. Book well worth reading.


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